Customer Positioning

InfoTrinsic Solutions sees customer positioning as one of the building blocks of running an organization. A business that wants to meet the needs of its internal stakeholders or sell its products successfully in a market, needs to identify its customers first and foremost. Before any other steps are taken to market the product or service, recognizing the audience that will respond to the product should be considered, for successful promotion.

What Is Customer Positioning?

Customer Positioning is the process of creating an image of a product or company in the minds of the audience. When a customer browses through a row of similar products shelved at a department store, he tries to associate attributes and characteristics with each brand. The one with which he can relate positively, takes the place in his cart.

As mentioned previously, positioning is the process of helping the target audience associate characteristics with a product. The way a business prepares, launches and markets a product or service automatically puts it in a pre-defined slot in the customer’s mind. He may perceive it as a high-end, high quality brand of beverage or a low- end, mediocre quality brand. InfoTrinsic Solutions is one institution that helps businesses to reaches the customers in a way that has an impact on them.

Positioning comes from the business and the choices it makes to launch the commodity in the market. Customer positioning is extremely important because all current and future sales depend on the way a brand is positioned and settled in the minds and hearts of the consumer. For instance, if a brand is sold for a higher price, don’t you perceive it to be one of the best choices to invest in?

The Positioning Process And Information Technology

There are two main steps of the customer positioning process that have been in practice for years. The introduction of technology to the positioning process has made it more efficient, and has given those behind positioning the opportunity to explore new areas for targeting the product.

I. Identification Of Target Market
Positioning is impossible without proper identification of the target audience. Unless a business knows its target audience, it cannot develop a positioning strategy. With the use of sophisticated research and marketing tools, businesses now have consumer insights that help them position their products in a way that ensures response and sales.
For instance, without data analytics and research assessment tools that are now available online, an organization wouldn’t have access to specific customer and market information that is needed for positioning.

II. Improving User Experience
Once the brand is positioned and used by the audience, the business has to work towards improving the experience the customers get from the brand. Brand experience leaves an everlasting impact and instigates future sales; therefore, focusing on user experience is very important.
Thanks to the many feedback channels that has surfaced with the use of technology, it has become quite possible for every business to record user experience and fix the complaints that are registered.
Remember, customer positioning is done with a long term horizon in mind; therefore, making customers for life is the goal here.

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