Services and Solutions

  • icon_163-Tier ManagementInfoTrinsic has developed the Triple P approach to help organizations align and streamline processes at the Project, Program, and Portfolio (Triple P) level of an organization.
  • icon_17Solution DevelopmentWe develop solutions that not only help agencies achieve long-term business and technology results, but also generate short-term cost savings.
  • icon_18Performance ManagementInfotrinsic establishes and tracks metrics using executive dashboards, financial forecasts and cost analysis tools to help clients measure impact and success.
  • icon_19IT StrategyOur strategic approach leverages qualitative and quantitative analysis in order to expedite our identification of root causes hidden in the operating environment.
  • icon_20InfoTrinsic ToolkitsWe have a comprehensive suite of data-driven tools and dashboards to help streamline cost, schedule and performance management..
  • icon_21SharePoint ImplementationWe are able to maximize the power of SharePoint through enterprise site development, process automation, collaboration and knowledge engineering.
  • icon_22Process OptimizationOur team is able to develop and deliver streamlined business processes, requirements and reports that successfully address and exceed our client’s goals for efficiency.
  • icon_23Project TrackerWe help our clients better manage teams, tasks, time, cost and performance with our exclusive Project Tracker software.
  • icon_24Harnessing Big DataOur approach for synthesizing data provides INFO-Trinsic Value to organizations at every level by exposing opportunities to enhance the customer experience.

Solution Reviews

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