Capital Planning and Analysis

For any company, capital Planning is a primary function of the management of any business. While controlling expenses and recording a profit is a responsibility to which every department has to pitch in, capital planning and analysis is a highly focused area that only the top management deals in. InfoTrinsic Solutions has ways of ensuring that capital planning is done intelligently and resources are conserved instead of being wasted.

It is easy to think that only small businesses need to do financial planning and analysis, since they have limited amounts of money. However, this is a wrong perception that should be corrected because an organization as strategic and large as the U.S government also spends time and resources to plan its financial moves.

The CPIC, Capital Planning and Investment Control is a department that makes investment decisions for the government. How much to invest in different areas, when to make the investment and how to reap rewards from it are some concerns handled by it. Just as the CPIC is structured to manage capital investment decisions, a wing of every organization is given the same responsibilities.

Therefore, the bigger the organization or business, the more capital planning is needed. As money matter scale across multiple departments, financial allowances and analysis becomes crucial to make sure that the business maintains an acceptable liquidity profile.

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