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Reducing Costs without Reducing Quality

Poor quality can be expensive! Nine out of ten businesses close operations soon after they start because of not achieving enough profits to keep them afloat. So why is it that so many businesses close up shops and give up so soon? With a successful start to them, they soon after lose their customers and…
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Agile Program and Project Management

Agile management is often better than traditional methods. Studies show that businesses using more than one Agile method are significantly more successful. Are your clients never satisfied? Do they keep requesting changes? Is it tough to get their approval, which results in falling behind schedule? Are the changes high in costs and not easily executable?…
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Leveraging Big Data for Long Term Success

Big Data. Big Returns. Although the budget for IT services, software, hardware, staff and telecommunications in short IT infrastructure will increase by 40%, but it is predicted that the investment in storage management, big data, cloud computing and security will grow at a much faster rate. Big data allows companies to gain valuable insights from…
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Getting Value out of SharePoint

More than 75 percent of the Fortune 500 companies use SharePoint! SharePoint offers a collection of tools that are web-based and allow project collaboration. These tools are mostly predesigned websites that store information about individuals or teams and aids the collaboration process. Site owners as well as members can author content by using the tools…
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