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Organization Transformation and Change Management

Is your organization underperforming? Have you tried all you could to make current processes work? Many a times, the only way to make an organization and its internal environment ripe with activity and positive hustle bustle is to bring in change. Gone are the days when working in a tangent was considered a good thing.…
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Customer Positioning

InfoTrinsic Solutions sees customer positioning as one of the building blocks of running an organization. A business that wants to meet the needs of its internal stakeholders or sell its products successfully in a market, needs to identify its customers first and foremost. Before any other steps are taken to market the product or service,…
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Contract Management

Contracts are considered the heart of a business’s operations. Be it a small and mundane task or one that is worth millions of dollars, every decision and deal requires a contract that is signed and sealed by two parties. Since contracts are nothing new for a business, can you think of how they are handled…
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Workforce Enrichment and Training

In a business environment as volatile as in the 21st century, organizations are increasingly looking for employees who aren’t simply well trained, but are well equipped to deal with challenges. While workforce training is not a new subject, it has become even more important today because of the changing roles and responsibilities of employees in…
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