business consulting

Our Management Consultants deliver InfoTrinsic value to business and government clients by harnessing the power of data. Our analytical approach to problem solving creates sustainable short-term and long-term results with high quality standards.

It Strategy

With the ever-changing technology landscape, our strategists provide innovative solutions based on proven concepts for secure advancement. We align IT to core mission and business objectives to ensure that dollars spent maximize value.

Data Analysis

We combine IT strategy with predictive analysis based on customer trends to optimize user experiences and business outcomes. Our solutions are robust and results-driven, with a focus on empowering teams through information and fact-based foresight.

Strategy is nothing without execution

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Building your business growth & prosperity

We aim to develop productivity and innovation

  • icon_013-Tier ManagementInfoTrinsic has developed the Triple P approach to help organizations align and streamline processes at the Project, Program, and Portfolio (Triple P) level of an organization.
  • icon_02Business AnalysisWe analyze to not only achieve long-term business and technology results, but to also maximize profits and cost savings.
  • icon_03Performance ManagementInfotrinsic establishes and tracks metrics using executive dashboards, financial forecasts and cost analysis tools to help clients measure impact and success.
  • icon_04IT StrategyOur strategic approach leverages qualitative and quantitative analysis in order to expedite our identification of root causes hidden in the operating environment.
  • icon_05InfoTrinsic ToolkitsWe have a comprehensive suite of data-driven tools and dashboards to help streamline cost, schedule and performance management.
  • icon_06SharePoint ImplementationWe are able to maximize the power of SharePoint through enterprise site development, process automation, collaboration and knowledge engineering.
  • icon_07Process OptimizationOur team is able to develop and deliver streamlined business processes, requirements and reports that successfully address and exceed our client’s goals for efficiency.
  • icon_08Financial ManagementWe help our clients maximize value through financial management, analysis, research and consultation.
  • icon_09Harnessing Big DataOur approach for synthesizing data provides INFO-Trinsic Value to organizations at every level by exposing opportunities to enhance the customer experience.

Meet Our Team

  • Management and IT Strategy Consultants

    Our elite team of management consultants and IT strategists bring a wealth knowledge and proven…

  • Portfolio, Program and Project Managers

    Our strategic managers use Agile and Traditional project management to meet and exceed cost, schedule…

  • Data Scientists and Business Analysts

    Our seasoned data scientists are abreast of the latest technologies for creating robust predictive models…

  • Investment and Financial Managers

    We ensure that funding procurement, investment, allocation and utilization strategically align to corporate objectives. Through financial…